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  1. My husband just accepted a position in Waterville, Maine. I am currently a RN on a progressive care unit in Maryland. Will it be difficult for me to find a critical care, ED, PCU, or IMC job near Waterville or Augusta, Maine? Any tips to speed up my job search? What can I expect? Should I plan to be out of work for a few months? I have 1 year of experience as a Registered Nurse and I am 1 year into my 2 year RN to BSN program.
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  3. by   PrmedcRN
    Looks like quite a few openings in Waterville and Augusta (30 minute commute) for ED and ICU nurses. I would be surprised if you had any difficulty getting a job, but I might be out of touch with Maine's RN job market. I'll leave specifics to the local folks.
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