New Grad Nursing Internships/Fellowships/Programs in Maine, Mass, NH, & surrounding..

  1. Does anyone know what hospitals in Maine and surrounding states offer new grad nursing internship/preceptorship programs? Specifically, I am looking for places that offer orientations/hiring new grads in ICU/critical care settings. Also, do you know WHEN (what months) they using hiring/start these programs? Does MMC offer one of these? I am not comitted to staying in Maine, but if I don't have to move as soon as I graduate from nursing school it would save a little money. I am specifically looking into getting a critcal care/ICU position to gain experience with a long term goal of making it to CRNA school! (The accelerated program I would be in graduates in August, so hopefully a position that starts in late August/September).

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  3. by   lei7
    Mass General has an ICU new grad program.. the positions are now up on their job listing board.
  4. by   radtech
    Thank you. I am aware of the one at Mass. Gen. However, I think they only offer the program beginning in June. I am finding it hard to find an intern/new grad orientation program, especially one starting in September (after an August grad. date), especially in a cricical care/ICU specialty. Anyone know of any programs in Maine or New England area? Thanks so much!