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  1. Hey guys! I have been an LPN for 6 years. 5 of those years have been ER nursing and recently I have been working in a fast paced clinic (much like an acute care clinic or fast track in EC) with the US government. I am looking to return home to Maine. I will be returning to school at UMO to finish my RN degree and then onto my Masters to become N.P. My question is, who hires LPNs in the Bangor area? I woulod really like to get in with EMMC, but it appears they only hire RNs except for the clinic which I won't be able to do when I return to school. I know I would be a great assett to them, but is there a way I can make them see that? Does anyone know of any LPNs working at EMMC? Or anywhere else for that matter? I did happen to run across a need at EMMC for discharge case management which I am qualified to do, but I that would be mostly day hours as well. I will be in need for night/weekend work so I can finish my education. Any help from you guys would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!!
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