How long does the hiring process usually take?

  1. I am a newly licensed RN. It has not been one week since my interview (Thursday of last week), and the wait gives me anxiety. I tend to browse the net again for other job opportunities, even considering applying to nursing homes (there are very few hospital choices, but lots of nursing homes). However, I would prefer to have experience first in a hospital. The wait is killing me. When should I follow up with a call?
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  3. by   rninme
    Just switched jobs myself....background checks, references, licensing etc....checks take time. Give it until Monday at the least.
  4. by   manangmdrn
    Oh well...I guess this was a bad timing...I just learned they were undergoing audit by will take some time for them to relax and get back to me and other applicants...(knowing that helped my anxiety drop somehow...)