1st yr Nursing Students at UMA

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Looking for some 1st yr Nursing Students at UMA--

    Due to finances I need to start thinking about the Fall.

    I'm interested in knowing what you need for clinicals especially. Are uniforms provided or do we purchase?

    Is there anything that you've purchased that wasn't recommended but has helped you?


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  3. by   Jenny67
    For anyone who may come across this in the future, I received my letter of acceptance just the other day and enclosed was information about uniforms needed for clinicals.

    -solid ceil blue or white bottom (pants or skirt) with a solid ceil blue top or ceil blue dress
    -a white lab coat (3/4 to full length)
    -white non-skid soled shoes (sneakers are acceptable if they are all white). Ceil blue, white or off white crocs are acceptable.

    Monogram on each per uniform and lab coat attached to the left shoulder on uniform and lab coat and UMA Nursing Student Pin should be purchased at Wise Uniforms & Equipment in Hallowell.