MA Salary


I have tried looking for salary for a MA, but I have seen multiple amounts...Indeed said $48,000. I thought that was too high, another website said $32-$35...that seems more like it.

Anyone happen to know? I live in Georgia, but maybe moving to Indiana or Minnesota.

$32-$35 sounds a lot. I was making $16 an hour in TN. Starting out you can make $8 an hour unless you do a specialty. I started straight out of school at $11 an hour doing pediatrics.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (a reputable source), medical assistants are paid $29,610 per year (median) as of May 2013. The median hourly wage is $14.

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I have 4 years experience ma. I'm in ky. Straight out of school I made 11.50 an hour. Now I'm in dermatology a new job this year and I started at 13.50/hr. The cap for ma pay at my work is 15/hr. Hope that helps :)