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MA to CA reciprocity license



Has anyone here recently got their CA license after being a MA RN? I am in the process because of my partners relocation due to Covid, suddenly having to move to CA. I understand this is going to take a while but I am super confused by the extra pre requisites posted on the board of registration website. Can anyone help?


California Code of Regulations Section 1426 identifies the prerequisite courses required in addition to a nursing program:

Communication skills, six (6) semester or nine (9) quarter units shall include principals of:

Oral communication

Written communication

Group communication

Related natural sciences, sixteen (16) semester or twenty-four (24) quarter units shall include:

Anatomy with lab

Physiology with lab

Microbiology with lab

Behavioral sciences (Psychology)

Social sciences


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Hi Oliver,

I obtained a CA RN license using my MA RN license back in 2013. The process takes awhile, but I didn't have to do much other then fill out the application and maybe submit transcripts from my ADN program.

As long as you completed a traditional nursing program, you should be fine. It just takes forever.