LW Tech Fall 2020

by Kassielking7 Kassielking7 (New) New Student

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Hello All!

Is anyone else like me and is reading all of the LW Tech posts to see how their score compares? XD I'm like a crazy person so I figured I would start my own post to see if there is anyone else out there!

I submitted my Fall 2020 application a few days ago on the 1st. It was verbally confirmed that they received my TEAS and it says on Parchment that my official transcripts were downloaded. I'm just waiting for it to say it was received on the online portal !!

If my calculations are correct, I am right around 69-70 points for my application. I got a 94% on my TEAS, 3.72 GPA, and 4 points for my Associates Degree. Who else applied?! What are you all going in with?!


Hi there! Just figured I’d try following up on this post and see if anyone who was accepted is on this site? It sounds like you had a great score! Hope you got in!