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LVN Telephonic Service Coordinator


Specializes in Geriatrics, Developmental Disablities. Has 10 years experience.

Ok I don't know exactly which group this would fit it. I just applied for a positon with a company as a LVN Telephonic Service Coordinator with United Health Group . Does anyone know where to find more information or has had a position like this. Thanks

Hi, I don't work for UHG but I'm interested in them as well. I've been applying for jobs with them for over 8 years now and had my first interview a few weeks ago. Sadly, I wasn't offered the job. One thing I can recommend is every Wednesday from 10a-noon CST time they have an online ask-a-recruiter session you can log onto and speak with a HR recruiter. They should be able to answer all the questions you have. I hope that helps and good luck!

Should mention the link to the online chat is found on their careers page.