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LVN to RN new grads progams not looking at LVNs?

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Hello Everyone!

So some history Ive been an LVN for about 6 years, went back to school to get the BSN, RN. Ill be done in 5 weeks from West Coast University, ( YAYYYYYY!!!) when i met with the career service people they were kind of discouraging about getting into a new grad programs  because of my LVN experience :/ They insisted that the new grad programs would rather look at my peers with 0 medical experience so instead of being excited to finish up now and just worry about NCLEX now I feel worried that my applications for new grad programs wont get looked at :/. Did any of you have trouble getting into any new grad programs with any prior medical experience or know anyone that did . please advviiiissseeeee, i would greatly appreciate it.

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