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LVN Hospice Nurses


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I am a new grad with 2.5 months experience in a SNF and I am wondering about becoming a hospice LVN. How much experience should I get before becoming a hospice LVN? Is 2.5 months too little? What are LVN hospice nurses expected to do vs a RN hospice nurse? A coworker tells me to get at least 6 months experience first and then apply other places. Are hospice LVNs expected to have a lot of experience first and if so how much is enough?

1 year of snf experience some agency will accept lvns while employed on snf but expect to get paid less at the moment. LVN administered medications I.e msir, atropine, ativan, haldol, fentanyl, abh gel depending what it says on md/or cm order. You need to be able to document pts status Q2 or update CM for pts loc changes. That's pretty much of it..