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LTC in Portland

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by Purple_Clover Purple_Clover (Member)

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Hey peoples, I'm looking for information about working in Portland in LTC. Anything and everything. Best places to work. Wages. How difficult it is to get hired. I have 1 year of experience in psych and will have about 8 months of LTC under my belt by the time I move. Do you think I'll have any trouble finding a gig in Portland?

Thanks!! ❤️❤️❤️ 

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I think you'll find it relatively easy to find work in psych and/or LTC in the Portland area with the experience you have. Neither of those areas tend to be super competitive.

If you want to work combined LTC/psych setting both Cascadia and Telecare have a number of residential facilities and hire RNs. Otherwise there are lots of general SNF/LTC facilities - I've heard good things about Willamette View and Rose Villa, but am not super familiar with the LTC scene.

Inpatient psych is also an option if you are interested.

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