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A little about me, I have almost 4 years experience in sub-acute rehab/ LTC/ hospice/ palliative/ and a little psych. I am currently working in a COVID unit initiated by my facility. My goal is to increase my critical thinking skills and be able to have an acute experience at least in a hospital setting. I recently applied to 2 positions (PCU because it only has nightshift position available  and surgical unit) at a hospital near my house. I just did the interview with a ICU/PCU nurse manager and the assistant nm at a community hospital. The interview went fine. They were talking really fast regarding what kind of patients they have in their unit. So, I wasn't able to jot a lot of things down. What I did write was that the floor has 23 patients with 2 techs. Nurse/patient ratio is 1:4-1:5. They said they did 1:6 at one time because so many nurses called out but she does not expect this as norm. Most of their patients seems mix. They did mention cardiac monitoring (she said nurses do this), titrating drips such as cardizem or insulin, as well as patients being on continuous bi-paps. They also have stroke patients. The NM said she is going to give me 8 weeks of orientation with at least another week if needed so a total of 9 weeks. I asked her if I needed more would she give it to me, she said she tries not give too much orientation because budget wise. Impression from NM seems scary. She was straightforward and strict and pretty hardcore in my opinion. She expects her nurse to be a "positive but a hustler" and "not to sit down until everyone does". So, she expect you to be on your feet at all times. ANM seems pretty chill. After the interview the HR called me and told me that the NM was offering me the job. HR said differently of course with the duration of orientation weeks when she interviewed me because I did mention how I do not have acute experience and if taking PCU job would be quite a jump since that is above med-surg. She did mention about how nurses needs time to find their own niche. She said if PCU is not for me then "we can re-evaluate and find the right place suitable" for me. IDK how true she is to her words or she's just fluffing me up, but I did have a pleasant conversation with the HR. I asked the HR to give me a day to consider. What do you guys think? I am having anxiety because this is quite a big jump. I wanted a job nearby because it's closer to my house, 10 minute drive. The only downside is that the only available jobs are ER, ICU, and PCU. I see a lot of seasoned nurses working here. I heard there are nurses who worked for more than 15 years. They do have a main teaching hospital (same organization) with more job options to choose from but it is 20-30 minutes away. Do you think I should consider this job? I am having anxiety because I don't think I have the critical experience/thinking for this type of setting and have been thinking of what if I don't do well during orientation and be let go or what! I would like to take this job but I am just scared of the possible what ifs. It's a big learning curve as well. What do you guys think?? Should I take it? It is the only job offer I have received so far.

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Anyone?? Sorry for the long article btw.

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