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Ltc nursing in houston, texas


Hello there,

im a new grad in may this year and i am willing to work anywhere. Any experience i think is a good one regardless of how hard things may seem at the time. So does anyone know of any facilities that hire new grads in the houston, tx area or surrounding, or should i just make a excel spreadsheet and start calling places?

IT depends on where in HOuston you are going to be moving to. IF you apply anywhere, you might end up driving 40 or 50 miles to work and some places are not very safe area so its better to find place to work after you move to HOuston or come to HOuston and find place to work befoe you actually move.

i will be living within the 610 loop, im willing to commute anywhere up to a hour. do you know of any great facilities that hire new grads

You have to check job search website (indeed, careerbuilder etc) and check the job post and call them and ask them if they are hiring new grads.