white board

  1. Do any of you use a white board for communication with staff about resident care such as labs, infections, change in condition, etc? If you do, will you share how you use it please. Who changes the info, how is it set up, etc?
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  3. by   Mandychelle79
    We have one in our break room, it's usually up to date for the day shift and then it all goes to pot cause no one updates it until the next night shift
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    We have one on each unit. Anyone on precautions is on the board on every unit. Admissions/discharges are listed on the short term unit's board. Outside appointments and pickup times are noted on every unit. Any specimen needed is on there. The staff is good at keeping up with all the changes.
  5. by   LTCRN4LIFE
    We have one in each Nurses Station. It lists Admissions/Discharges/Room Changes. It is sectioned off for Walk to Dine/Wounds/Weight Loss~Gain/Special Mattress/Alarms/High Fall Risk/Precautions/......I know I am leaving out some stuff.....but hope that helps