Use of legbag during the day

  1. We have several male resident's who require a foley D/T obstruction issues. Several want to have a leg bag on during the day. We have been using a brand new leg bag each day, and a brand new drainage bag at night to reduce the risk of infection. I know that in the past we used to bag these and reuse for 7 days. I was wondering how some other facilities were handling this at this point? Also, with those who are being trained to use them at home, what practices are being taught for homecare?
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  3. by   Kaystandley
    The bags can be reused. We cleaned the bags (per facility policy) and stored them to "air dry" in resident's bathrooms. Not the best "homelike" environment, but it worked.
  4. by   NutmeggeRN
    Wow,,that is some big $$. We reuse and clean every night as well.
  5. by   punkdmm
    Thank you, we have rewritten our policy to clean daily and change every 7 days

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