Things you wish you knew before you became a LTC nurse & secrets to survival by successful

  1. I just got my offered my first nurse job at a LTC SNF (Gouverneur- HHC).
    I have probably read every post on this LTC forum and I am now petrified about what I got myself into.

    For the nurses who are succeeding and/or love long term care with 1:20-60 patient ratios, please tell me how you are surviving.
    1. Do you have a system to get everything done in time? How do you do vitals, assessments, hygiene,bed changes, admissions, discharges, medications, ancillary work for so many patients in time and in a compliant fashion?
    2. I will be working the 11:45pm-7:30am shift, I’m told there will be no doctor and I will be the only nurse. What do I do in emergencies? What if I have a question about holding or administering a med?
    3. What are some things you wish you knew before you became a LTC nurse?
    4. Please share what works for you. If you can, share a normal day and how you handle it, or tips or tracking mechanisms or something.

    I am usually very good with time management and developing systems to get things done efficiently, but something about this is just frightening me.
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