TB Policy

  1. Just wondering what TB policies other facilities are using. We do a two step on admission and for new hires; then a one step in a year. We also have them complete a screening form initially and annually thereafter. No further TB test after the one year mark unless they are out of the country or show s/s or have known exposure.
    We are considered low risk, so I'm not sure that the tests we are still doing are really necessary. I haven't found very specific guidelines...
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    We do a two step on new hires. That's it. After that they anwer 9 questions annually. It's foolish.
    For our residents, at this particular building we do a two step on all residents. I try to tell corporate that the Mass DPH says we only have to TB test residents who are going to be in the building greater than 90 days but like most of the evidenced based things I say, this too falls on deaf ears.