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  1. Hello all, I am a new clinical educator and am thinking of starting a program to improve communication, build relationships and encourage respect among nursing staff (nurses and aides) with ancillary departments. This is a LTC facility where departments are not especially working together for the resident's goals or care.

    My thought is to have staff take turns to 'share my shift' and spend at least a few hours shadowing each other. I am considering inter departmental 'sharing' with dietary, therapy (PT/OT/Speech), environmental services, maintenance, supply etc. Within nursing, unit secretary, staffing manager, supervisors, managers, Assessment coordinators.

    Has anyone done such a program in their buildings? Did you do a survey first? Did you have a committee? Who were your champions? Were there many who volunteered for the experience or how did you select staff to participate? What kind of follow up did you do for each pairing and what did you use to evaluate the results?
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