HHC DON interview-need some tips, please!

  1. Hi all,

    I am not sure whether to post this in HHC or here, so if the mods feel inclined to move it, please do!

    I have an opportunity to interview for a DON position at a HHC agency. The current DON wants to retire.

    I've done some research on the company and it looks ok. According to the administrator, the current DON has been great, and has kept the agency successful. I wouldn't have to "clean up anything" and the biggest issue is the problem of getting documentation completed timely. He said my cover letter was extremely well written, and I have some managerial experience that will help me be successful.

    I am planning to interview next week, and am wondering what else I should do to prepare? Any DON related questions I should ask to get a feel of the staff and agency and their management team, other than asking what I can bring to their team, and what they are looking for in a successful DON?

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