Do LTC facilities have to upgrade to EMAR

  1. I have been looking everywhere for this information and I can't manage to find it. I am a new grad and have had a few interviews. One very small LTC I interviewed with had informed me that they had just upgraded to EMAR because they were required to do so by the beginning of 2014. However, the facility I took a job with is still using paper and apparently seems to have no plans to implement electronic charting.

    I'm just trying to find out what is really going on behind this. Should I expect electronic charting in the near future or maybe never?
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Yes you should expect it. Trouble is the hospitals get reimbursed for going electronic...nursing homes do not.
  4. by   geriatricRNBSN
    Yes, you do. The version our facility chose sucks. It was made for a hospital, not long-term care. And be prepared to in-service, in-service, in-service. The toughest ones are those with NO computer skills. I won't hire anyone who has no computer skills. It's tough enough as it is, and to try to teach computer skills on top of that is just. too. much!!!