Cytotoxic Medications

  1. In Long Term Care, when residents are taking cytotoxic medications are there any special precautions put in place? I realize the RPN's double glove, but does your facility instruct the PSW's to use PPE when providing personal care?
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  3. by   bluegeegoo2
    I have worked in many LTC's in 2 states and the only "precaution" I have been aware of is a bright yellow sticker on the drug card that read "Cytotoxic medication. Handle with care." I presume it was up to staff to know what that meant and how to handle the medication as I was never made aware of special precautions otherwise.
  4. by   dream'n
    There are certain chemotherapy/biotherapy/cytotoxic drugs that can excrete from the urine, body fluids. So your CNAs would need to take extra precautions while emptying urine, etc. Also your pregnant nurses, CNAs, and staff should not be caring for patients that are on these drugs. I've been out of Oncology for awhile so try posting your question in that forum and those nurses certainly will be able to assist you with the particular medications. You can also check with your pharmacist.