Are you serious??

  1. I've been at my current facility for a few months. The former DNS was there for 3 years. The administrator is new as well. My style is very different from the former DNS' as I am all about what the resident's want and need and think people should be held accountable for doing their jobs.
    I get there early, stay late and help the nurses and CNAs as much as I can.
    My boss told me today that the FORMER DNS called the regional corporate person to talk about me. Some of the staff apparently have called her to complain about various things. The corporate person actually discussed things with her. I am so irate. I think this is extremely disrespectful to me and my team. Why in the world would she talk about me to a former employee?
    I'm having a meeting with the corporate regional person on Friday. I'm trying to think of a way to tell her I am irate without getting fired!
    People and their pettiness never cease to amaze me.
    End of rant.
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  3. by   calliesue
    Yep, that would be a great irritation.
  4. by   Libby1987
    How'd it go?