ADON vs PCU vs Clinical Liaison

  1. Hello everyone,

    I recently had some luck with my interviews, and got offered all 3 jobs.
    My background: Almost 5 years experience in SNF, Charge Nurse for Altz/Dementia Unit, Sub-Acute, 7 monthsCase Management experience. Recent RN bridge grad.

    PCU position is in a large teaching hospital close to home, would be working fulltime nights 7p-7a, 5-6 patients MAX. (Tele/MS/Stepdown pts)

    ADON position is at a 60 bed SNF. SNF had 7 complaints in 2012 for wound care and skin assessments. Salaried position.

    The Clinical Liaison position is through the company I have been with all of my SNF career. I would be going out to local hospitals and marketing for our building, and making connections in order to get referals. Lower salaried position, and requires ONCALL & weekends if need be. There is quartlerly bonus incentives from $500-4,000.

    I am not asking for you guys to make the decision for me in any way, but I am asking for advice from people who are currently or who have been in one of these 3 positions, and the PROS/CONS. I am currently 25 with no children/wife.

    Thank You all in Advanced.
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    Sorry for the double thread, but any input is greatly appreciated!