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LPN Wants L&D

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I have applied the job for LPN anesthesia and I just had an interview today. Based on my previous experience as a CNA worked in Assisted Living, they think that they might send me to home care. I really do want to work in the hospital and If I do get to work at home care of that hospital, do you think eventually I can transfer to different unit such as pediatric care. In future, I want to work as a L&D nurse at that hospital once I get BSN degree. Do you think L&D will take my experience of home care? 

Dear Wants LPN

Your ultimate goal is to work in L&D as an RN. That's a great goal, and there's no reason you can't realize your goal.

What will matter far more than your pre-nursing school experience is having your license and your BSN. For now, take things one step at a time and concentrate on your studies.

Nurse Beth

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