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LPN triage

I am in NY and I understand that LPN's can't triage here as it is out of our scope of practice. I was repremanded for telling a pt to go to the ER or walk in center to obtain her narcotic medication as the Doctors in my office where not available all week. I was NOT assessing her signs and symptoms, simply stated that she would have to go there if she couldn't wait for the Dr to return the following week.

Additionally, my manager never told us who was going to handle critical results/narcs, etc. during the Dr's absence even though she was asked. She blow off the question.

I wasn't "writen up" but an email was sent to me as "protection", not to do it again. Should I be arguing my position or just leave it be?


Has 23 years experience. Specializes in LTC, Memory loss, PDN.

You were already blown off once. What do you hope to gain by arguing the point?


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