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LPN-to-RN Can't Get RN Job After 30 Days

Nurse Beth   (310 Views 3 Comments)
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Dear Nurse Beth,

 I've been an LPN for 20 years with experience in several disciplines throughout the year. I am now an RN as of 08/2019 and cannot find a job. The last 6 years I was a nurse Case Manager for United Healthcare. I have applied for several graduate and case management positions but everyone wants an experienced RN. How do I find a job? Any RN job at this point.

Dear Been an LPN,

Congrats on getting your RN 🙂 

The problem is your expectations.

You were licensed less than 30 days ago and haven't landed a job. That's not unusual. Broaden your search. 

Even though you have extensive LPN experience, you do not have RN experience. By RN experience, they usually mean hospital experience for 2 yrs. Many employers view a newly licensed LPN-to-RN much the same as a newly graduated RN.

Apply to residency programs for the best orientation experience as a newly licensed RN. In other words, think of it as starting over. Once you have that all-important clinical RN experience, you will have no trouble landing a job in a speciality of your choice.

My book below was written for someone just like you, to help you land a job in a competitive market as a newly licensed RN. 

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth
Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next

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Nurse SMS has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development.

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30 days isn't long at all. I read once that the general rule of thumb is that you can expect your Job Search to take at least one month for every $10K of salary. You just graduated. Now finding work is your #1 priority and you should put the same effort into that as you did into earning your degree.

You may not be able to continue as a case manager. Those jobs are in high demand for a number of reasons. Nurse Beth had great advice. Seek out a residency/internship for new grad nurses. Once you have acute care experience you will be a more attractive candidate for the RN Case Management positions.

Good luck!

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Only 30 days?  When it is 30 weeks or months is when you should be concerned.  Keep on plugging away.

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