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Hello! I will be getting my LPN and then my RN from the same school, and it should take about 2 years. I will have my RN 1 year after my LPN so I will be working as an LPN for roughly a year before I can start as an RN. So I was wondering if LPNs can specialize in a specific area so I can start specielizing in a specific field before I get my RN, so that I can be ahead a little bit specialty wise.



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IV therapy and ACLS will make you marketable.

Wound Care and Dialysis certifications will put you over the moon.

If you're interested in OB you can be a mother baby nurse. It's really up to you.

In FL. LPNs can work in hospitals as surgical techs. The hospital trains you so that's another option as well.

Start with IV therapy and ACLS

Sources: Practicalnursing.org among other things.

Good Luck.