LPN seeking mission info


Hi, can anyone tell me of any website or organizations that need LPN's to do mission Nursing?

I have researched some and they usually want an RN. What are some volunteer agencies or missions that

utilize LPN's? thanks!:)


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There is a Christan based organization that from time to time posts needs for RN's as well as LPN's. Which I am currently working on getting placed in Africa for the summer of 2012 with the backing of my church. I'm currently studying for my RN but have 9 years experience both military and ER. But I feel I have been called to do such work. The application process is lengthy and the living conditions are no picnic and there is no pay, so you must have resources or financial backing. But if you are a believer and it's in God's plan for you then it will be so. The organization is http://www.mercyships.org let me know what you decide