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Lpn school

Hey I'm starting LPN school aug 25 at ECPI university in Greenville SC .. I was wondering if anyone else was there... Or any advice to help me cause I'm so nervous

I don't no go there! But don't be nervous you'll do great just focus and study, try your hardest I'm sure the time will fly by- then you will be a nurse

shan409, ASN, BSN, LPN, RN

Specializes in Geriatric, Postpartum, Mother/Baby, Community Heal.

Post this in the South Carolina forum and you may get more results. I am starting the journey with you though-Sept 3rd.

I will be starting at tricounty tech in easley on Monday!! But I live in Greenville!

Had my first exam today!! It was nerve wrecking but I got an 85!!!! :)

I'm starting in jan 2015 in the Raleigh branch, any advice?


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