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LPN to RN?

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by EricaYerian EricaYerian (New Member) New Member

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I'm a military spouse currently starting pre reqs for nursing this fall. I was really hoping to get into an RN program while I was here and finish before my husband is finished with this last enlistment, but I don't think I am going to have enough time to finish. I'd probably be able to finish an LPN program, but I can't find any LPN to RN bridge programs in Huntington, WV. Looks like Marshall use to offer it, but doesn't anymore.

I am so so tired of wasting time. I am almost 25, and I just want to have something to show for it. I want to get my masters and become a CNM, and I just feel like everything is getting prolonged even more.

What would you recommend? Should I attempt to get my RN? Go for LPN? Or just start as many pre reqs as I can and try to get into Marshall's LPN program when I get there? I'd say go straight for BSN, but we will be living with my mother for a bit, and I want to get out of her house as soon as I possibly can, so I planned on doing an online BSN course so that I'd be able to work and support us.

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