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LPN to RN Programs


I will be moving to Arizona next summer after finishing my LPN program in Texas. Does anyone know of any programs in the Phoenix area to bridge over to a R.N.? Thanks.

fromtheseaRN, BSN, RN

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you can apply to the maricopa community colleges nursing program- they have advanced placement for LPNs.

The Advanced Placement application is listed on the Maricopa Nursing site:


The updated application should drop soon. the trick will be transferring your transcripts and LPN license to meet the deadline. It is usually a one semester wait depending on how you did on the HESI-PN exam. Only Gateway has an evening program and Glendale has a "weekend" program (it's really Friday & Saturday). All others are daytime, nearly every day of the week. You are supposed to turn your application in with your transcripts to your first choice school. All the Maricopa nursing schools communicate with eachother but they want the paperwork at the first choice school. Good Luck :)