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LPN-RN Program or BS to BSN Acceleration program


Hi guys, I am currently in NYC as an LPN in a job that I really like work three days 12hours shift. Full salary benefits retirement plan big organization, but I want to expand my education and opportunities in nursing so I was thinking of doing an BS-BSN program since I already have a Bachelor's degree. The only problem is I have a low gpa 2.5 to be exact so I might have to go out of state to a 12month program, which might lead me to leaving my awesome high paying LPN job. My other option is to do a 15months LPN to RN program in NJ. It being that I am only 25 with no kids or any major responsibility maybe I should attempt the BSN program since I will like to have a MSN degree one day. The Acceleration program will cost 60K, with a relocation to a new location and the ADN program will cost 7K huge difference what do you guys suggest any advice would be appreciated.