studying for the PSB help!!!

  1. Hi everyone, I am starting the process of transitioning from LPN to RN, I have to take a challenge exam, my advisor says its similar to the NET, I know what that test is all about but my question is this, what is the best books to study for the PSB, that test is absolutely crazy, I really need a good book to study, I will be sitting for this test around August so it gives me some time, I have all my classes but 4 which includes Chemistry, Bio 165, Micro, and a humanities class. I hope to take two this summer online and the other two this fall before I start the RN program if I get in. Another question, what sort of questions can I expect when and if I get an interview for the program? Any information will greatly help me. I have been an LPN since August 2006 so hopefully all is still fresh, I am dedicated to becoming an RN and am ready to study study study to get in. Thank you for reading this long thread, please help me prepare!
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