SRJC LVN to RN (30 Unit Option

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Quick question. I am interested in doing the LVN to RN program at SRJC. This is my ultimate goal.

    I am currently a paramedic and have been for about 2 years now. I have the pre req's done for LVN, and just need to apply to the program. The school says the program allows you to bypass the general education (has been approved by the BRN) and get a certificate that allows you to practice as a RN in CA only.

    I am interested in this idea, because I love being a medic, but am looking for more money. Whether it be a per diem RN, or whatever, I dont want to give up my medic. I also am lacking the general ed classes, and dont want to go through the hassle of obtaining, especially since I dont think I will be a full time nurse/career nurse.

    Can anyone advise on the luck with programs like this? Is it possible to get hired without the ADN, but the said certificate in CA only?

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