RN-BSN with a previous non nursing bachelor

  1. Hello does it get short to get the BSN with a previous non nursing bachelor ?
    Can people do the bridge program and take some BSN courses to be a BSN ASAP?
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  3. by   fmf13
    If I am understanding you correctly, there is a way to get a BSN rather quickly, an accelerated BSN program. These programs are not necessarily a bridge program though. They are very fast paced and no walk in the park (no nursing program will be). Requirements vary, but are relatively competitive and require you to have pre-requisites and BSN before applying. Also, they are very expensive!

    Otherwise, you can get your ADN in roughly 2 years, depending on the program, and can bridge from there if you like. Probably more cost effective and gets you into the nursing world. May be able to go back to get your BSN through the hospital that you work.

    Either way, good luck!
  4. by   PMHNPonTheMaking
    Im actually in a LPN-RN program and i have a previous BA , looking to either bridge to RN-PMHNP or RN-BSN in a max of 2 semesters .
    On campus if possible.

    Thanks for any input.