Medical Careers institute

  1. Anyone currently or previously attened MCI. If so please give me some info on them. You can also PM me if need be. Thanks in advance for your info
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  3. by   BSS25
    Hi there. I am a graduate of MCI, VB location. I grasuated the LVN program about 5 years ago. I am now currently in CA.
  4. by   cookiemomma
    Just Curious? Is This Online Classes Or Classroom? Where Are They Based Out Of? Ore Info If U Can Get Would Be Great..thanks
  5. by   BSS25
    The program is based out of Hampton VA. They have 3 campuses I think. in in richmond and one in Virginia Beach. The courses they offer are in a classroom and you can go full time or part time. When I went there the RN programs was just starting out. So I don't know how successful they are with the NCLEXRN.