LVN to RN at your own pace at community college

  1. I plan to bridge from LVN to RN and was wondering if there RN programs are structured to be full time or can I do the program at my item pace. Can I take 1-2 class each semester or is there a list of class that all need to be taken within that semester?

    For those that bridged, did you go full time? I will be completing my LVN and really need to work so I have money coming in but I also want to start on my RN right away.
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  3. by   tellis6645
    My program was a little different since you did the first year of nursing school, took a summer course for your LPN, then went back the last year of nursing school to get your RN. Most nursing schools have a rigid schedule. You can do your non nursing courses first part time but once you get into the program itself, you have to take the classes as they are scheduled. This is because colleges get grants for the amount of nurses that they graduate from their program within a certain period of time.
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    I was afraid of this...Oh well...on to plan B.