LVN to RN summer 2013@ Los Angeles county nursing school

  1. Has anyone received a letter inviting them to take the teas exam for the LVN to RN program starting this summer 2013?
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  3. by   dorkiexcici
    not yet
  4. by   mialvnrn
    I just got the letter in the mail today.
  5. by   Summer2013
    I got a letter today too.
  6. by   EMTnurse626
    They are sending the letters out before the application period is even over?
  7. by   Summer2013
    When do acceptance letters go out?
  8. by   gladiola
    I am waiting too... I called last month and they said they would notify in April or May :/
  9. by   Calipsychnurse
    How much is tuition?
  10. by   Summer2013
    Well hopefully we here back soon

    Tuition is about 2000 or 4000 a semester
  11. by   Summer2013
    Anyone receive a cll from county yet?
  12. by   gladiola
    Got the call today... I'm in!
    Poor lady, I screamed her ear off!
  13. by   Summer2013
    Congrats gladioli, I'm so happy for you, around what time did they call,
  14. by   Summer2013
    Gladiolia whatdid u get on ur teas and science grades