LPN to RN bridge at St. Vincent's in Bridgeport? Reviews from past students?

  1. I will soon be a graduate of an LPN program in the next coming weeks, after I take my NCLEX I want to pursue applying for a bridge to RN program. I know many of the programs require to apply early in the winter to apply for the Fall.

    I have considered NCC bridge program but have heard its very competitive and didn't know my likelihood of getting in. I have most of my prerequisites done with the exception of an A&P II and a humanities course. My grades vary in my science course (B-/C+)

    A friend of mine told me about her experience at St. Vincents and she really enjoyed it. Does any past or current students have any opinions on their experience? Do you think being an LPN will help my chances of getting into the program?

    Also, how does it work at St. Vincent's with transferring credits? I have most already done, but will they all transfer?

    Sorry for all the questions, Im just excited to continue my journey and become an RN!

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