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  1. Hello everyone, I just received and e mail from The College Network, it sounded very interesting , but for what I can see in the forums, most people like Excelsior. I'm considering this route, is any one selling their studies guides??, I will need the 7 nursing courses plus the college clases also.I would appreciate any tips from anyone that has already done it.I have two young children, and this seems like the best option.
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  3. by   OnaTrek
    Hi, please be careful. College Network is not a college, they are just an expensive publisher. They use Excelsior to award ASN degrees, and charge you 3 times what Excelsior will cost you. I signed up with Excelsior and I also am looking for study guides if anyone has them for sale. Thanks and Good luck.
  4. by   adnerbe1
    Anyone needing TCN study guides can find them cheap at EBay. They are an excellent resource when you can get them for $20.