Associate RN or LPN to Associate RN

  1. All right have made a decision to go into nursing as a career change at 30. Have looked at several options and not sure which direction to go in.

    I would love to get a BS RN in 4 years and have someone else pay all my bills while I attend school. won't happen

    I would like to quit my job and go to school full time for 2 years and get my Associate and become an RN. However I have two children and I need money to live.

    I'm considering going to an LPN program which due to the much lower tuition I may be able to stop working and just go to school for the year.

    After the year I could work in the field in some compacity probably PT and apply my LPN toward an advanced placement Associate RN program immediately.

    Does this make sense I'm hearing diffrent things such as:
    my LPN won't matter due to lack of experience with it.

    A lot of programs don't apply credit from an LPN.

    It will still take me over a year to obtain my associate degree RN.

    I will still need to take a lot of specific General classes to earn the associate and it will cost almost as much and take almost as long as the original Associate RN program.

    My question is if I can save a lot of $ and get my LPN can I then transfer right into an Associate RN program and graduate the next year, as a result not having wasted time and money.

    would It still only take two years:
    1 to earn my LPN,
    1 for Associate after I have my LPN

    Any thoughts?
    Please Advise
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  3. by   ukstudent
    Does the college that would bridge the LPN to RN have an LPN program? That would probably work best for you. If no, then find out from the bridge program just what credits form the LPN schools they will take. If you go to a private LPN school (expensive) then from what I understand their credits will NOT be exceptable. Good luck in whatever direction you decide to go.
  4. by   dijaqrn
    Go to RN school!!!!!!!!!!!
    It took me almost 30 years of being an LVN before life allowed me back in school full time. Times a wasting..... Good luck!!!!!!
  5. by   butterfly88
    Anthony, I understand your dilemma. I am in LPN school part time evening weekends and it will take me 18 months to finish. I'm 7 months in and I love it. My suggestion is make sure the LPN school you choose has National League Nursing (NLN)Accreditation or the same accreditation as the RN school you wish to transfer to. You may have issues with transfering credits etc if not. I made the choice to go LPN with the intent of RN bridge for similar issues as you, as well as, a HUGE waiting list to RN programs. You can work as an LPN while attending RN school with more flexibility. I choose to look at it as lots of experience with patient interaction etc. That's my favorite part so far. Good luck no matter what you choose. Nursing is awesome. BTW, I'm 37 and starting this as a 2nd career! It's never too late, and it's not WHAT you do, It's HOW you do What you do! Carpe Diem!
  6. by   caliotter3
    Every consideration that you listed in your post is valid. Will go along with what previous posters have said. You have to work with what is available to you. Investigate each and every RN program in your immediate area assuming you are not planning on relocating) and keep track what you are told (make sure you collect the informational brochures/packets from each). Compare them before you make your final decision. Because of the difficulty of getting into any program, for everybody, you will probably end up applying to all of them at some time anyway. Your best bet is take your LPN schooling at one of the programs where you can bridge to RN at the same school. It is a given, that if you decide to go to a private LPN program, that your courses will not transfer. So only choose this route last, unless you will have the income to pay for the convenience. Good luck with your decision.
  7. by   Transient
    Quote from dijaqrn
    Go to RN school!!!!!!!!!!!
    It took me almost 30 years of being an LVN before life allowed me back in school full time. Times a wasting..... Good luck!!!!!!
    I agree. Go straight to an RN program and this is coming from an LVN.