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LPN to RN Lorain County Community College Ohio

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Hi Everyone!

I am starting the LPN to RN program at Lorain County Community College in Elyria Ohio this upcoming spring semester. I am so excited! I have a few questions. How was the transition class? What was your school schedule like? I am assuming it is 2 days of lecture/lab and 2 days of clinicals. Class from 9-2 and clinicals 7-3 plus lab practice time. I would like to know ahead of time so I can let my employer know. I would like to know if they are able to work with my schedule, or should I find a new position that is just Friday,Saturday, Sunday or Saturday, Sunday, Monday three 12's? What shift did you all work if you had to work and go to school? I am open to all advice. Also if anyone is finishing the program and would like to sell their books let a sistah know lol. I have not gotten my official acceptance letter yet but the nursing advisor said I should not worry. I want to thank anyone who responds to little ol me in advance. Also if there are other students who are starting this Spring semester at Lorain reach out! I am done talking let the advice begin!

Thanks in advance again!

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