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LPN to RN help!

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Hey Y'all,

I am a new LPN looking into LPN to RN programs in CT. I had my heart set on ST. V's but I have recently heard bad things about the school from my nursing friends, including super low NCLEX pass rates. Can anyone give me any more insight about what is going on there? Also any insight on the other LPN to RN programs in the state?

I already have my English comp, Communications, and College algebra, (as well as high school chemistry and biology that have been taken within the past 5 years- some schools accept that?), but I would still need all my sciences, psychologies, and to retake the TEAS



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Check out the Connecticut Community Colleges. Sounds like you would have a majority of the pre-reqs done. St Vincent's will make you try to test out of most of the sciences, and if you don't pass their test, you have to retake the class with them. They have a very low NCLEX pass rate, and are expensive. I looked into that program as well and was not impressed.

Here is the pass rates for the nursing programs in CT

DPH: NCLEX Pass Rates

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