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LPN to RN Bridge KS & MO

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I'm a school nurse and currently a LPN. I'm looking to get back into school and get a RN license. Just trying to find out some feedback about some local school's in Kansas City, MO and Kansas area. You can share infomation of school's not on this list I'm open to other ideas and schools. I'm working during the day so I would like to have some online classes, evening/nights or weekends.


Penn-Valley Community College (Missouri)

National American University (Kansas)

Kansas City Kansas Community College (Kansas)

Hutchinson Community Colleg-online program (Kansas)

Pratt Community College (Kansas)


Dominique, LPN

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You will likely receive more responses if you post in the individual state forums.


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I'm new to this and I will have to click around to learn how to do that.. Just joined today.:)