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LPN relocating to AZ

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by Tetjhanaelle Tetjhanaelle (New Member) New Member

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Hello I've been an LPN for four years in Ohio and I am looking to relocate to Arizona next month. I've talked to the AZ BON regarding the application endorsement process and I was told to wait to apply once I get to Arizona because the process will be faster and easier vs applying now because it may take months (months I don't have!). Is there anyone who could explain the time frame of applying once I get to AZ vs applying while I'm still in Ohio? Also is it realistic to have an offer letter from a job that will assist you with obtaining the license within the 48-72 hour time frame? Please help all I see is older posts on my his topic. Thank you!

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Sour Lemon has 9 years experience.

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I've never heard of a job offer speeding up endorsement times. I would expect to wait whatever length of time the board instructed is "normal".

I'm not sure you'll get a better answer than the one you got straight from the source. Consider calling them back if you have more questions.

Good luck with your move.

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