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LPN Refresher Course

Has 28 years experience. Specializes in ER, LTAC.

Hi, Everyone! I haven't practiced in about 7 years, and I wondered if any schools are giving an LPN refresher course? Any info is appreciated! Thanks

i know of a nurse who took a refresher course at huey p long in pineville

i don't know if they still offer it this has been about 2 years ago

maybe some of the trade schools offer this i would call around at various facility depending on your area


Has 28 years experience. Specializes in ER, LTAC.

Thanks, Dale!

Unfortunately, I live in Slidell, and the Vo-Tech was wiped out in Katrina. Delgado, is partially up and running, but they don't offer it. I am currently a real estate agent, but sales are in a slump because homeowners are having a difficult time affording homeowners insurance down here.

I had planned to take the course about 6 months before the storm hit, and I fiddle-farted around and didn't do it. Now, I kick myself every day for letting my license lapse!

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