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LPN question-detroit,mi

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hello, i just moved back to michigan from tn. (where i worked level 1 trauma as a tech in the ed- loved it, miss it bad!)-i finished almost all of my pre-req's in tn for rn school but upon getting to mi. found out there is a yr to a yr and a half wait. ouch. the most troubling thing is that many of my credits will not transfer so i will have to first complete my pre-req's before i can even apply to get on the waiting list. that will be almost a year on itself because i will have to work (i'm a mom) and will only be able to go half time.

i looked into some lpn school to find out if there is a bridge from lpn to rn and it seems unclear. does anyone know if there is one and do you know if there is a huge wait to get into lpn? please! i have the urge to get back into this soo badly!!!

also , do you know if there is one near detroit, mi?

thanks guys!!!! ~muah!


i'm also in michigan and i can think of only two schools that has lpn to rn bridge program. one is schoolcraft college and oakland community college. i know at schoolcrat this is a new program that they are going to start in 2009. after you finish first year of nursing school, you can either take lpn board or you can start your second year. there are no need to reapply to the program or no need to take more classes. check out website at http://schoolcraft.edu/press/?type=article&cat=press_release&id=578. i graduated from this college and i did lpn to rn. since they didnt have this new bridge program, i had to wait a year to get accepted into the second year of adn program and i had to take online lpn to rn transition class.

the second one is a college where i graduated from lpn program, which is oakland community college in southfield. they have two lpn to rn programs, one is those lpns who graduated from another college and it takes 2 years to complete and another one is for those who graduated from occ lpn program and it takes about a year to complete. i dont know if they changed their program but when i graduated from lpn program the lpn to rn program for occ lpn graduates are offered every 2 years.

if you go to michigan forum, you will see few threads about lpn programs. i hope this helps alittle.


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I live in Saginaw, MI, so I'm quite a way from you, but Delta College in my area has an LPN to RN transition program so I assume that other schools do too. You might want to try posting this on the Michigan board since it might catch the attention of others close to your area.

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