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LPN programs Vancouver/Portland

I am new to the forum. I'm just beginning pre-reqs, but have been researching the LPN, and then LPN to RN route. Do you know of any programs in the Vancouver/Portland Metro area?

I have contacted Pioneer Pacific and saw that Apollo and Concorde also have Practical nursing programs. Any input is appreciated.

Pioneer Pacific told me that if I am not accepted to the LPN program I can begin the Medical Assisting program then have priorty when applying the the LPN next time around, otherwise you just go back in the pool. Is this a scam?

Does anyone know if you can bridge these programs to RN-BSN?

Thank you for responding. I appreciate the insight from those of you who experienced the frustratation of applying to nursing schools.

Perhaps this is the reason there is a shortage of nursing instructions.

I'm glad I have my Master degree to fall back on!

I'm not sure, but maybe Clark College offers the LPN program. I don't live there. I know they have the ADN program. Lower Columbia College offers the LPN to RN bridge located in Longview, about 45 minutes north of Vancouver, and of course the LPN program.

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