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LPN Program for International students in Canada

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by zebbiana101 zebbiana101 (New) New Student

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Hi everyone,

I have a friend who wants to come to Canada and get into an LPN program. Do any of you have school/uni recommendations around Canada that accept International students into the LPN Program? 

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It is your friend's responsibility to look up schools that she wants to go to especially if she does not have a PR because normally people don't know what nursing schools accept International students and the schools that do have various admission quotas that fluctuate every year.

Ontario and Alberta have the most public LPN programs that accept International students, but there are usually not that many schools in the country, so most International students apply to a few number of schools. (and most of them go to Ontario for the same reason)

Advise your friend to get professional help if she has trouble finding information by herself. There are International organizations that help students apply to schools and they also help with applying for student visas.

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